Green Products

We strive to be eco-friendly and environmentally conscious in all that we do. We are proud to state that our products are all 100% recycled, as we reuse and recycle everything from all wood components to scrap nails. We don’t send anything to landfills because we recycle 100% of our incoming product!

Power Pallet is the most environmentally responsible, cost-effective solution to your material handling needs and we’ve been doing it right since 1975!


Power Pallet Recycling offers existing and potential customers the opportunity to recycle all of their cardboard, plastic, shrink wrap, paper, metal, and wood. Depending on volumes, Power Pallet Recycling will supply a baler if the volumes of dry recyclables are sufficient. Rebates will be paid according to market value and depending on weight and volume. The dry recyclables can be placed on the same trailer as pallets to allow Power Pallet to be a “one-stop shop” for the customer.


Power Pallet Recycling recycles all wood and pallet scraps into environmentally friendly landscaped mulch. This mulch comes in four different colors: natural, red, brown, and black. This mulch is wholesaled to landscapers within a 120-mile radius, in quantities between 20-100 yards.