The Humble Pallet…Where Would We Be Without It?

In 2010, police in Dubai intercepted a container from a Liberian-registered ship that had originated from Pakistan. Suspecting narcotics smuggling, they searched the container’s cargo—heavy bags of iron filings—but found nothing. Almost as an afterthought, they then decided to check the pallets on which the bags had rested. Inside each pallet was a hollowed-out section containing 500 to […]

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Now Hiring: Production Team Member, Full-Time with Benefits

Production team

Power Pallet Recycling Center, located in Amsterdam, NY, is hiring full-time production team members. This is an hourly position with benefits available. Days and hours of work are Monday through Friday, and some occasional Saturdays, with two different shifts available. 1st shift is 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and 2nd shift is 3:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Overtime work is possible at times.

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Making Plastic From Pollution

Remarkably, plastic can be made by simply polymerizing air pollution. Introducing Newlight Technologies Newlight Technologies, founded in 2003, is a company that began by posing the simple question: “Why not use greenhouse gas emissions as a resource to make materials?” Per Mark Herrema, company co-counder and CEO, “After a decade of research, Newlight discovered how to combine greenhouse […]

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Edgy “Manifesto House” Is Built with Pallets

Just outside the small central Chilean city of Curacaví, situated between the hills of a coastal mountain range, sits a most unusual dwelling. Built in 2009 as a concept project for construction company Infiniski, this home is primarily comprised of three large shipping containers and numerous wooden pallets. Dubbed the “Manifesto House,” the house is a modular and eco-efficient structure designed by Jaime […]

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Introducing Smart Pallets

Smart pallets are revolutionizing the way we work with our supply chains and move product. What Is a Smart Pallet? With smart pallets, a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) microchip is placed inside the central plank of the pallet, for purposes of collecting information in real time. Smart pallets offer a solution for product tracking, asset tracking, and […]

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Energy Efficiency: Weekend Energy Use

This is our energy efficiency series for industrial businesses with a discussion of peak energy demand identification. The goal was to identify peak energy demand times and shift the load to flatten your energy curve. This month we look at Weekend Energy Use.

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Now Hiring: Industrial Sales Person

Warehouse Sales Person

Industrial Sales Person – Full-Time with Benefits Location:  Amsterdam, NY Click Here to email a resume or Click Here to complete an online application Join a team within a growing, dynamic manufacturing company, who strives to be the #1 Industrial Recycling Company in the Great Northeast. Power Pallet Recycling Center is one of the largest recycling companies […]

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Tesla’s Gigafactory Due to Spur Change


The automobile industry is about to change. By the end of this decade, Tesla plans to produce 500,000 electric cars per year. To facilitate production of a high-volume, affordable electric car, Tesla will need a reliable and gargantuan supply of lithium ion batteries — more than the sum of all production in a year from China, Korea, […]

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