‘Tis the Season for DIY Pallet Projects

Recreate Design Company Pallet Christmas Tree

Whether you reuse, recycle, or repurpose, wooden pallets are at the center of attention this holiday season – not just for moving goods across the world, but also for inspiring creativity among do-it-yourselfers.

Get inspired and feel the holiday spirit with these creative DIY projects.

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Which Came First the Pallet or the Forklift?

Old Forklift

If “pallets move the world” then forklifts power global storage efficiencies but which came first. Pallets trace their roots back to ancient times and forklifts trace their history back to ancient hoists.

However, determining which actually came first, the pallet or the forklift, is not as clear.

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2 Million Safe Miles ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Power Pallet Truck Convoy for Kids

Carl Ovitt, transportation manager, and Jeremy Votow achieved a major milestone – 2 million safe miles. This was a team effort that we have been working on for over 2½ years; one we want to continue.

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Pallet Market Briefing – June 2015

Upward Arrow

The economy has come back strongly. Even with increasing economic challenges and customer demands, prospects for the pallet industry look good through 2016. “Entering the Promised Land” by Lynn Michaels is an excellent article for a complete overview for the pallet industry.

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