At Power Pallet Recycling Center, we offer a wide range of services that goes beyond just pallets.

If your company has wood waste or broken pallets that are a problem and crowding your workspace, warehouse or manufacturing plant, Power Pallet can help. We have the ability to spot 48-foot and 53-foot van trailers at your facility for you to load up. At costs that are 300% lower than roll-offs! Let Power Pallet be your source to help you attain a clean and safer facility, and save money at the same time!

We also create and sell recycled mulch, and can meet any order size you may need. We can save you time, effort and money with our premium recycled mulch services. Let us help make your next landscaping project easier!


Power Pallet Recycling offers full-service seamless and invisible on-site support in terms of staffing, tooling (nails, nailguns), material (wood) and equipment (trailers, forklifts) to sort, repair, and load pallets from a warehouse and/or distribution center. Real-time online data is provided daily for all tracking and accountability purposes.


Power Pallet Recycling can provide real-time load tracking to its customers. Power Pallet Recycling will customize the information in whichever manner is most convenient.


Vertically integrated with its own trucks and over 400 trailers, Power Pallet Recycling can deliver and remove all pallets, as well as remove any dry recyclables such as cardboard, plastic, shrink wrap, paper, metal (contained), and wood (bundled or contained). With a state-of-the-art GPS truck tracking system, you can always expect on-time delivery and/or removal from us. Our transportation department is set up to operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to serve our customers.


Why clutter your warehouse or distribution center? If you are a customer that will fill a trailer at least once to twice per month with pallets and/or cardboard, plastic, shrink wrap, paper, metal (contained) and wood (bundled or contained).


Power Pallet Recycling has the capabilities to spot roll-offs for the removal of any loose or large metal that is generated. Rebates are provided based on types of metals and market value.


Fact: We are the #1 industrial recycler in the Northeast. We can combine pallet returns with mixed industrial recycling.

We recycle:

  • Plastics – PET, PE-HD, PVC, PE-LD, PP, PS, O
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Metals – Copper, Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Iron and Wires
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Electronics

Zero Waste Programs

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