Safety, Quality and Customer Service are what Power Pallet Recycling Center is all about. If none of our standard inventory sizes fit your needs, Power Pallet Recycling Center can manufacture any size pallet. We are set up to service our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we have the ability to spot any number of trailers at your facility. Thanks to our economies of scale, you can save upwards of 40% on your pallet costs by purchasing recycled pallets from Power Pallet Recycling Center.

Recycled Pallets

Power Pallet Recycling recycles a volume of 48 x 40 GMA pallets, along with over 50 different sizes and variations of “odd” pallets, to meet our customer demands and provide our customers with cost-efficient packaging options.

Custom Pallets

Power Pallet Recycling makes over 100 different pallets customized to our customers needs. Power Pallet Recycling can do this using all recycled material or a combination of new and recycled material, whichever is the most cost-efficient solution for the customer.

New Pallets

Power Pallet Recycling provides new pallet solutions to any customer with such requirements.

Plastic Pallets

Power Pallet Recycling has a supply of plastic pallets on hand to provide its customers with cost-effective means of shipments.

Heat Treating

Power Pallet Recycling has heat treat capabilities to meet all current export requirements for its customers.

We also carry green products, including Adirondack mulch and dry recyclables!